Artistic Interpretation – Wassily Kandinsky (1866 – 1944), Moscow

Black Relationship, 1924.

Kandinsky’s early artistic interpretation is similar to other inspiring artists, however, over the course of his life, his representation evolved until it reached a more “abstracted” state that he called “concrete art.”

Softened Construction 1927

Kandinsky’s use of space, line, shape, balance, color and composition in this “concrete” style inspires my use of these same elements in each of my interior designs. A room is a canvas into which I envision a plan for the space, the shapes created by furnishings, an original color palette and the relationship between each of these elements. I envision the completed work and resulting ambiance. Each design comes only from within me and is created only for one client. The design process might not be apparent or explicable, but if my vision is followed, harmony will result. If one element changes, all must be reconsidered.

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