New England Challenge »
Cambridge, MA
A former client’s newly acquired Cambridge residence (c. 1886) had been remodeled but needed to be completely furnished during a pandemic. This custom interior was created entirely remotely.
More New England Challenge »
Cambridge, MA
The lower level features a large music room for enhanced listening and piano playing, along with a light-filled work space, multifunction guest room and TV viewing den. Accents of wallpaper are used throughout the home to evoke depth and movement.
Multipurpose. Multicolored. Multimedia. »
Alexandria, VA
A high-tech, modular media/game room leads the way for a family of five. This ambitious agenda was realized using sleek storage and comfortable retro-inspired furnishings.
More Multipurpose. Multicolored. Multimedia. »
Alexandria, VA
Comfort, color, and closed storage continue upstairs. A dining room/study provides three secretary desks, a Danish reading chair and extension dining/work table for a sophisticated, triple-duty space.
Industrial Modern Fun »
Arlington, VA
This expansive industrial home, complete with weathered wood, barn doors and iron railings, presented a challenge. My clients wanted something more than earth tones and rustic furniture.
More Industrial Modern Fun »
Arlington, VA
In addition to paintings by accomplished artists, accessible custom elements here and there help to define this family’s personality.
Happy Space »
Arlington, VA
A piece of artwork that caught my client’s eye inspired the color palette in this lively condo. For a fresh start, pleasant paint colors filled the walls and window frames to enhance the view.
Lightened Up »
Arlington, VA
A family’s dark and overflowing kitchen, complete with peninsula, oak cabinetry and pantry in the dining room was enlightened with a new floor plan and light stone.
Angled River Views »
An upscale condominium was simplified and redesigned in harmony with the changing colors of the river and sky visible from each window. A premium was placed on elegant comfort and lightness inspired by my client’s personal art collection.
Penthouse in Old Town »
Alexandria, VA
A brand new space with expansive views was infused with personality using modern elements befitting the architecture alongside the owner’s colorful art and glass collections and vintage furnishings.
World Inspired »
Indian, Moroccan, Egyptian and American furnishings were combined with my clients’ international art and object collection to create an airy interior that provides a distinctive and practical home to suit a young family.
Warmth and Family »
Arlington, VA
Comfort, function and style now define these once seldom-used living spaces. The spicy color palette and conversational seating in the common areas encourage casual entertaining.
River House »
Rappahannock / Chesapeake Bay
Wicomico Church, VA
A 1980’s passive solar home on the river came to life with a fresh kitchen and baths and the replacement of heavy millwork with light cable railings that enhance the home’s playful features.
Stately Townhome in Old Town »
Alexandria, VA
A traditional townhome was respected but reimagined for entertaining and the owners' taste for contemporary surroundings and color!
New Addition »
Arlington, VA
A brick colonial is transformed into a hip and spacious home for a family of five. A modern cable railed staircase was designed to provide an open transition. The family’s favorite artwork informed the unusual color palette.
Post Arts & Crafts »
Arlington, VA
Two condominiums were combined to create a unique craftsman-inspired home complete with William Morris textiles and wallpaper used in a modern, clutter-free manner. The genius of Morris and his contemporaries proves relevant to contemporary living.
Retro/Modern Charm »
Falls Church, VA
This basic condominium was customized with fine furnishings, architectural elements and a retro refrigerator. Bits of bright turquoise and red add drama to the otherwise neutral interior, reflecting my client’s sophisticated and fun personality.
Colorfest »
Falls Church, VA
Decidedly modern furnishings and bold color were combined to add personality and provide a young couple with a comfortable and stylish home to share with their friends and family.
Organic Modern »
Interiors respecting the updated architecture of this barn style home were designed to modernize the traditional style of a former residence. Natural materials, fabrics and colors combine to create a refined calm.
Deco Glamour »
Arlington, VA
Although this new home’s pseudo Arts & Craft architecture failed to suit my client’s more formal taste, the slightly more recent Art Deco movement proved to be a fitting inspiration for the interior design.